Throughout my life I have been privileged to know and enjoy the many meals prepared by those individuals who have taken an interest in the fine art of food preparation. In this presentation I want to share with everyone, the people, the recipes and the experiences I have enjoyed through the years and to give honor to the least appreciated people that have contributed to my enjoyment of the fine art of cooking and creating recipes. I call these individuals “The Domestic Chef”. In this book I have presented the people that have shared their stories, recipes and the times I spent with them enjoying that they have created. Unlike the professional chef, with the education and years of training employment in various types of restaurants with master chefs to become a master chef themselves and to have the knowledge for the successful operation of a restaurant. The “Domestic Chef” does not have this privilege of experience, training or time to consistently perfect meals or to be consistent in the fine art of food preparation. We are not all master or Iron chefs, but these individuals have created these recipes through trial and error, adjusting recipes from many cookbooks to satisfy their family and their own tastes and the sheer joy of preparing meals for loved ones.


The Domestic Chef Cookbook



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